boba smootie scottsdaleWhat's a Smoothie with Boba?

Boba Smoothies are a new and interesting beverage, popular all over Asia.  Now we've brought Boba to Scottsdale (for your convenience).

It is a low carb, all natural smoothie with real fruit, mixed with the secret ingredient - "boba" which are small black chewy tapioca balls, also called "pearls".  It is served in a plastic cup that you can take with you, along with an oversized straw large enough to allow the "boba" to pass through.

We offer a variety of fruit flavors, as well as coffee and tea smoothies.  Its a fun drink to have with your meal or after. Trust us, you are going to enjoy the experience.  

If you need a Boba in Phoenix or in Scottsdale, you know where you can get one. We see it every day - die hard Boba Smoothie enthusiasts travel from all over the valley just to grab one.

boba smoothie phoenix

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