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I found this place while I was in search of a Korean restaurant to go to while a long-time friend was in town, and since I've gone here several times. The food is excellent, the boba tea/smoothie/coffee (I particularly like the mocha boba!) are to die for, and service is excellent. The noise levels are always low (mostly because not many people in this area crave Korean), but there's usually some K-pop playing in the background so it's not TOTALLY silent.
Mackenzie S.   •  Tempe, AZ  •  09 June 2014
What a great little family owned restaurant! I actually never had authentic Korean food before, and now it's something I'm craving to try more often. Not only is the food fantastic, but the owner is the bomb. My friends who eat at Red Kimchi all the time call him "Hot Stuff." I don't know the origin of the nickname, but he happily responds to it. He's cool as hell, and as we closed the place out, he turned on some Asian hip-hop and took a couple shots with us! It's a quiet little spot to enjoy a fantastic meal. We came with a birthday party of about 15 people. They were super accommodating, even though we were probably a much bigger group than they're used to entertaining.
Richard R.   •  Phoenix, AZ  •  19 January 2014
I went for Boba and am so happy I found this treasure. I had Thai Tea and it was made in smoothie form with the most delicious chewy Boba. I might have to make the 30 minute trek just for this delicious drink! The gentleman that helped was also very nice. He had just made a fresh batch of Boba. He also wanted to make sure I was happy with my beverage. You will not regret a Boba purchase.
Jan R   •  Gilbert AZ  •  12 June 2013
I have to give it up for this place because as far as I know, they are the only place in the Valley that serves my all-time favorite dish, dolseot bibimbap (rice with vegetables and eggs served in a sizzling hot stone bowl!) Korean food is fantastic, if only because no matter what you order, you are presented with a number of side dishes as part of the meal... my food was great and I'll be back.
E. W.   •  Chicago, IL  •  08 October 2012
I visited Red Kimchi with my girlfriend and I had the very best ribs ever. It's called Galbi, basicalli it's sliced beef ribs with korean spices and flavoring. The restaurant owner is extremely friendly, and offers great service. We've gotten takeout before as well as we got extra Kimchi at request at no extra cost.
David O   •  Tempe AZ  •  14 August 2012
This is a cute little family owned spot, I've been here twice now, and have had great experiences both times. Since my mom is Korean, I have pretty high expectations for Korean food, and this place did not disappoint! The food is definitely authentic, and the owner is very friendly. We went once on a Thursday night, and there were a few other parties there, but not very crowded. The next time, we got carry out on a Saturday night and when we went to pick it up, the place was packed! The carry out did not take very long, probably 20 minutes total from ordering to pickup. We have tried all the staples, dolsot bibimbap, galbi, and bulgogi. They all come with the normal side dishes, and are all delicious. There is so much food, but make sure to save room for the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream because that is the best part!
Sarah L.   •  Scottsdale, AZ  •  16 January 2012
I went here Saturday night with a party of 7. It was about 8pm and the place was not that busy. The owner came up to us right away to greet and seat us. We were the only gringos in the place so this was a good sign.

I've only had Korean cuisine a handful of times so I'm not that good of a judge when talking about the authenticity or quality of the food. However, everything I had was excellent. The bbq ribs were bomb and so was my entree. I still can't pronounce what my entree was, but it was rice, veggies, beef and egg in this 9,000 degree pot thing. It was delicious and reminded me of awesome fried rice.

The best part of this place is the owner, HS or "Hot Stuff". He is the most friendly, outgoing, and energetic Korean guy ever. It is like dinner and a show with this guy. Among other things takes saki-bombing to another level and makes it quite an event.

Although a bit pricey for what you get, this place is awesome and I can't wait to go back. Its a fun, locally owned small business that puts out some decent and unique food. Couple that with a character such as Hot Stuff and you can't miss.
Jason B.   •  Scottsdale, AZ  •  31 October 2011
As far as I can tell this is 1 of only 3 Korean restaurants in the Phoenix area. I've been here a couple times for soup, BBQ, and Soju. The food is definitely authentic with a couple different meats: kalbi short ribs, Chicken or beef bulgogi. There are a couple different tofu and seafood soups, bi bim bap, rice dishes, etc..

Last time I was there, I brought my brother for BBQ meats and Hite. The full spread of kimchis, bean sprouts, and other korean staples were brought out. We order way to much meat, ended up on a Soju bing, and started an overly enthusiastic conversation with the owner about trips to Seoul. We had a great time, and the food turned out great too.

I would certainly recommend this restaurant if you're craving Korean food, it'll satisfy your Kimchi withdrawls until that next trip to Seoul.
Justin C.   •  Phoenix, AZ  •  19 April 2011
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